Developing Breakthrough Cannabis Technology.

A Joint venture between CiiTECH and Hebrew University targeting obesity and metabolic complications.

Metabolic research at CiiTECHLABS looks beyond
diet and exercise.

Science has evolved and has taught us that it’s not quite as simple as diet and exercise. An important part of our research is understanding the many factors involved in the pathogenesis of life threatening metabolic diseases such as lipid metabolism, how the brain affects our eating habits and appetite and how the endocannabinoid system plays a role in all of this.

By looking further into the involvement of specific cannabinoids on the endocannabinoid system and the role it plays in lipid metabolism we can continue to develop more precise CBD therapies and formulations focused on tackling the preconditions that lead to metabolic diseases.

Who is CiiTECHLABs?

By joining forces C i i T E C H and Hebrew University combine their renowned knowledge of cannabis research and development to bring targetted cannabis formulations and patents aimed at treating fatty liver disease, obesity and metabolic disorders and beyond.

C i i T E C H Ltd. is a consumer brand cannabis company, invested in the research and development of non-psychoactive cannabis health products, and together with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, what is already recognised as a global epicenter if Cannabis discoveries and research, are set to continue exploring on their already successful research, trials and patented technology.


At C i i T E C H Labs we are committed to metabolic research and discovering the potential therapeutic effects of cannabis and phytocannabinoids.